Montessori Materials

A long time involvement with Montessori education, both through my children’s schooling and as a volunteer parent, ignited a drive deep down in my heart to learn more about the Montessori philosophy. I watched with increasing fascination how the children learned and worked with the materials. I discovered the intricate web of interconnected concepts Maria Montessori devised that builds learning from babies and toddlers to adolescents. She truly was a visionary woman. The more I learned the more I wanted to become even more involved. With an artistic and creative background this led me to start my own business to create a line of wooden puzzles inspired by the Montessori philosophy for all children to enjoy.

I also do refurbishing of Montessori materials for the classroom. I make replacement matching puzzle pieces for lost or broken parts and refinish many common materials like the Pink Tower, Brown Stair, Red Rods etc. You know better than anyone how expensive Montessori supplies are. It seems truly wasteful to just buy a new set when you have broken or damaged components. Give them a facelift! See my “Services” tab for more information.

About My Puzzles

Fotor0402175341I make all of my puzzles by hand from start to finish in my workshop and studio. All designs begin as a hand drawn piece of artwork which is transferred into the computer. I then create stencils for  screenprinting the colors one by one. The images are screenprinted with water based inks and varnishes on Baltic Birch plywood boards. After the printing is completed I cut each puzzle individually with a scroll saw and sand all edges smooth.

My first puzzles were a Triceratops and a TRex. Most puzzles for children in stores today are very busy, multicolored jumbles. The Montessori method taught me about focussing on simple concepts and directing the attention to one idea at a time. So the Triceratops and TRex were designed with this in mind – large images, front and center with little distraction in the background. To add an element of interest I cut the puzzle pieces using irregular shapes to give them more of a challenge. You can read more about that technique on the pages with the dinosaur puzzles.

Next I embarked on making puzzles for Montessorians, starting with a Ladybug and a Monarch Butterfly. The Monarch is also available with pieces cut into 28 intricate shapes (Traditional Monarch Puzzle), similar to the dinosaur puzzles. These were followed by the very popular Nomenclature Puzzle series, first with a Pumpkin and an Apple with matching Nomenclature Cards. Other Nomenclature Puzzles are in the planning stages and will be developed soon.

I also have puzzle designs on my drawing board to complement Montessori 0-3 Infant Programs.

All of my puzzles appeal to Montessorians, homeschoolers and alternative educators alike, as well as making great gifts. The original designs and handmade nature guarantee they will add beauty to your classroom and that they are built to last.