Ingrid Brunette - dog care professional

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Any day with a dog is a good day

Hi, I'm Ingrid

20 years

Dog Parent

4 Years

Dog Rescue Work

3 Years

Dog Daycare Experience

a bazillion

Dog Walks

So what makes me tick?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… no wait, wrong story. I’m a nerd, who’s life revolves around dogs. From being a parent to rescue dogs over the past 20+ years, to becoming a volunteer for dog rescue organizations and working in the dog care industry, I just truly love working with and being around dogs. Getting involved with dog rescue and dog daycare work has felt like I’ve really found my calling. Life would be perfect if I could manage to leave the house without dog hair on my clothing, but that is probably asking the impossible.

Why hire me?

Well, my mom says I’m awesome, but she’s supposed to say that. More importantly, I believe in using only positive training methods and treat every dog the way I would treat my own, with care and understanding. 

My experience working with fearful and traumatized rescue dogs has given me a better perspective on how to care for dogs and a clearer understandings of the small signs a dog gives. I feel this has aided me greatly in my work as a dog care professional. There is always more to learn though, and I continually strive to enhance my knowledge.