Magformers 30 piece Neon Creator Set

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Who doesn’t love building with Magformers? This Magformers 30 piece Neon Creator set is a perfect start to your collection. There are enough pieces to make a multitude of shapes and objects. Build the “magic ball”, fish, tower, castle and many other geometric models. Magformers are a multiple award winning educational toy with endless open ended play value. In addition, the bright neon translucent colours rock when used on the Light Cube! Compatible with all Magformers shapes and accessory sets.

About Magformers

The manufacturing process embeds cylindrical rare earth (very strong) magnets inside the translucent or opaque Magformer plastic geometric shapes. The shapes attract in any configuration and do not repel. Therefore, you can construct tall towers, spheres and other 3 dimensional shapes that do not fall apart when handled. The magnets are sonic welded inside the BPA free plastic to ensure they are safely contained. However, be aware of counterfeits and substandard products on the market, that may pose safety risks.*

STEM Thinking

Magformers are a versatile educational toy that can satisfy the learning objectives of STEM studies, while having fun! The Magformers 26 piece Rainbow set is the perfect size to engage a wide age range. Be sure to view the video below and learn to construct anything from a simple cube or tetrahedron to a rhombicuboctahedron!


Develop scientific understanding through the principles of magnetism.


Design 2D shapes and objects and convert them to 3D models. Learn to visualize how a 2D object will look in the 3D form. Learn to  deconstruct a 3D model into the component shapes.


Develop 3D modelling skills by manipulating flat shapes. Learn to evaluate the strength of a structure while constructing a shape. Explore the geometry of structures and buildings by combining shapes and forms.


Develop mathematical thinking about spacial concepts, parts and wholes, patterns and principles of shapes.

Set Includes

12 Triangle pieces

18 Square pieces

Step by step creative building guide

Recommended Age

3 years+
The hollow shapes make the pieces easy for even toddlers to grasp and the positive “click” sounds are a fun point of interest.


*Beware of Counterfeits and Substandard Brands

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, as the saying goes. The manufacturing process of genuine Magformers is of the highest quality standards. Sonic welding ensures the magnets stay safely embedded inside the plastic shapes. The material used is BPA free, high quality ABS plastic (developed exclusively for Magformers!) that can withstand a reasonable level of play abuse. Magformers are regularly safety tested and are the only magnetic construction toy to meet all US and International toy safety standards! Therefore, buying genuine Magformers guarantees you receive a product that is the result of many years of research and development. Every Magformer is embossed with the name “Magformers”.

To learn more visit Magformers.


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