Co-Development / Partnership

My vision is to provide a responsive source to fill a niche for materials that are not available elsewhere. I welcome suggestions for ideas and work with you to supplement classroom materials or to create something new. Sometimes you may find yourself wishing you had that one additional component to add to your existing traditional material and cannot find anything suitable. Or maybe you’d like to add something regional or local to your classroom and don’t have the means to make it yourself. One project I developed to satisfy such a need is a special puzzle map of British Columbia showing the different regions in the province with a knob on the main city in that region. The map is sized to fit into the standard puzzle map cabinet. This idea came from the Directress of a Vancouver Montessori school. I don’t charge any extra fees for this partnership, on the contrary, you will receive a discount on the purchase of the final product as a thank you and I add the item to my product line for others to buy. With the myriad of suppliers of Montessori materials out there simply offering the same items at different price points, it makes no sense to compete in that arena. I’m interested in developing the ideas from your wish list.

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Refurbishing6I have been refurbishing and making repairs to many Montessori materials in the typical classroom for many schools in my geographic area for several years. I am familiar with all the materials and can tell you over the phone or by email whether it is an item I am able to refurbish and approximately how much it may cost. Montessori materials are expensive and for the most part long lasting. However, they are also very specialized – what do you do with the puzzle map missing one piece, the Pink Tower that has paint chipped corners or the Brown Stair that’s gouged and ugly? If you’re like most people you can’t bear to throw it out, so you squirrel away the material in a cupboard and buy a new one.

I am able to make replacement pieces for all puzzle maps (all brands), other puzzle-like materials (botany cabinet, geometry cabinet, zoology puzzle pieces) and even for your favourite non-Montessori puzzle that you’ve used in your classroom for years. You may think, no problem, some companies now supply replacement pieces for their puzzles.  However, customers have told me that sometimes the replacement pieces don’t fit their maps even if they are from the same manufacturer. There are so many versions of any given map out there and no standard, so making replacement pieces a challenge to supply unless they are custom made.

Before and After
Before and After

The most common materials I refurbish are Pink Towers, Brown Stairs, Red Rods, Cylinder Blocks, Knobless cylinders, map pieces and other puzzles. I know, you’ve tried to do a little touch up here and there over the years to cover up paint chips and dings, but if you really admit it your Pink Tower’s  been around the block a few too many times and has a little too much makeup.

My refurbishing is full service. I pick up and deliver in the Lower Mainland. I strip, sand, prime and paint materials like the Pink Tower, Brown Stair, Red Rods, Cylinders etc. I make new pieces for puzzle maps out of Baltic Birch plywood (not Masonite or pressboard) and colour match the pieces. I also have replacement wooden puzzle knobs (have you tried to glue in those plastic replacement knobs….?). I make replacement pieces for some common components that are easily lost – like the smallest pink tower cube or knobless cylinder, and everything is painted to match. Beware of replacements for these types of pieces available on the internet – guaranteed they won’t match the colour of your existing set. Children will immediately be distracted by the differences.

Refurbishing pricing on some common items:

  • $65 Pink Tower
  • $85 Red Rods
  • $65 Brown Stair
  • $20 per puzzle replacement piece ($25 for a “composite” piece – a single piece composed of more than one country like Saudi Arabia or India on some newer puzzles, or $30 for a large piece like Canada, China or Russia. Please contact me for details)

Curious about getting some of your materials refurbished? It won’t hurt to ask. Send me a quote request here.